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Gutsy Gibbon In Nigeria 11/21/2007

Posted by ubuntunigeria in News.

The latest installment of the ubuntu success story is now here in Nigeria.. for those who dont have poor or no internet connection at all .. you can get in touch with the following ubuntu nigeria members on how u can get your oown copy

Lagos-Bigbrovar 08022982697

Abuja-Ralph 08033735087

Ibadan-Afolabi 08025426934

Ogun State-Esquire 0802882963

If you have a good internet connection u can download Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon from here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download

Major additions in Gibson include:

Hardware management improvements with improved plug-and-play configuration for printers, as well as automatic firmware installation for Broadcom cards
Improved support for display systems – For laptop users, full support external VGA (projector) support is available out-of-the-box with easy reconfiguration when hardware is switched. For power users this release includes the ability to manage multiple monitors
Windows compatibility – Users with a dual partition can read from and and write to files that are on located in a Windows partition (including NTFS)
Enhanced user interface – Simple 3D screen effects and graphics to enhance the user experience
Desktop search – gives users the ability to search their entire desktop, whether for files, folders, chat logs or photos. This capability includes the deskbar applet, a central location on users’ desktops for all local and web search operations
Firefox plugins – automatic installation of popular Firefox plugins validated by Ubuntu.



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