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Get Free Ubuntu CD’s 08/24/2010

Posted by muyiscoi in Get Ubuntu !.
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Ubuntu Lucid

We all know about bandwidth is we have issues in this part of the world. This limits us most of the time from downloading the latest and greatest offerings from Ubuntu and Linux in general.
A nice guy over at www.artwales.biz has offered to mail copies of Ubuntu 10.04 DVD’s absolutely free to anyone within Nigeria. This will go a long way to help us get our Ubuntu “fix”.

If you are interested, head over to the post on his blog to find out more, including how to request for your copy.

Please, only request for one if you don’t already have.



1. oladele - 08/26/2010

well done.

2. yuddielive - 10/07/2010

the guy doesnt reply my mail, dunno how to get him

3. oladele - 12/02/2010

which guy are talking about?

4. gf - 01/15/2011

the guys at http://www.ubuntung.webs.com are selling ubuntu 10.10 desktop edition and are willing to supply apt cds of choice. it is free because according to them you give them some fee for their effort. i think everyone should try them out

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