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Ubuntu, Unity and Gnome Shell 12/10/2010

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Disclaimer: This post will most likely contain lots of “geek speak”. If you do not have prior information on the subject, some background reading might do some good

The World of Desktop Linux is a very fast moving one. That has been one of its major appeals. However, sometimes, it is also its undoing. I started using Linux in 2007 after being introduced to Ubuntu by my brother. I absolutely fell in love after i got Beryl to work on it. No, it was not the swishy and swirly movements that did it for me (though those were nice too). It was the fact that i had an issue with beryl and i could actually fix it myself.I considered myself a ‘guru’ and loved the fact that Linux made me feel that way. Sometime in 2008 when i first saw KDE 4.0. It looked so shiny and beautiful, i began to contemplate moving over from my trusted GNOME 2. After reading a couple of reviews though, i decided to stick to GNOME. (more…)


Freedom Package (Ubuntu + Applications) is Finally Ready 01/07/2009

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Yes i admit that things has been quite here for a while. Not because we have abandon the Ubuntu Nigeria project. yes we have been busy with other aspect of our lives but we are still working on bringing the virtue of free and open source software to Nigerians. My biggest challenge is the lack of internet connections in many Nigerian homes which makes it difficult to use a free OS like Ubuntu to its full potentials. To get round this problem. i made some package cd media which contain most softwares that any one would need to have a reasonable experience on Ubuntu. I used aptoncd. a tool for creating repositories on dvds and cds. i was able to make 4 cd media packaged with the best applications that free software has to offer for everyday use. I decided to base the packages on Ubuntu hardy heron and linux mint 5 because their much more stable compared to current offers and are also LTS which means it would be supported for a longer period.

I have been getting lots of calls asking me to send copies of ubuntu cds to them. although i try to send once in a while. it has become overwhelming and i can longer cope with the numbers. hence am proposing that if you need a copy of the freedom package which include an ubuntu 8.04 (of any favour you indicate -kubuntu -ubuntu -or xubuntu or linux mint) just send 3 empty cds and and one empty dvd with a return address plus a note indicating which flavor of Ubuntu or linux mint would would like. you can send your request to
African University of Science and Technology
P.M.B 681,
Abuja F.C.T,

This way we all share the burden Together open source style

Gutsy Gibbon In Nigeria 11/21/2007

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The latest installment of the ubuntu success story is now here in Nigeria.. for those who dont have poor or no internet connection at all .. you can get in touch with the following ubuntu nigeria members on how u can get your oown copy

Lagos-Bigbrovar 08022982697

Abuja-Ralph 08033735087

Ibadan-Afolabi 08025426934

Ogun State-Esquire 0802882963

If you have a good internet connection u can download Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon from here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download

Major additions in Gibson include:

Hardware management improvements with improved plug-and-play configuration for printers, as well as automatic firmware installation for Broadcom cards
Improved support for display systems – For laptop users, full support external VGA (projector) support is available out-of-the-box with easy reconfiguration when hardware is switched. For power users this release includes the ability to manage multiple monitors
Windows compatibility – Users with a dual partition can read from and and write to files that are on located in a Windows partition (including NTFS)
Enhanced user interface – Simple 3D screen effects and graphics to enhance the user experience
Desktop search – gives users the ability to search their entire desktop, whether for files, folders, chat logs or photos. This capability includes the deskbar applet, a central location on users’ desktops for all local and web search operations
Firefox plugins – automatic installation of popular Firefox plugins validated by Ubuntu.